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visit our studio and you’ll find a comfortable, relaxed, down-to-earth atmosphere.


Judith Southard

J3’s Founder, Owner and Esthetician Rock Star

In 2008, J3 Studio opened its doors in the historic neighborhood of Lafayette Square, St. Louis, Missouri. People tell us we have a reputation of being the best in our city with the services we provide. We love hearing this, but it hasn't gone to our heads — we’ve built our business to what it is today by simply taking good care of our clients.



3 is the magic number, yes it is. The trinity, chinese culture and numerology nerds all can agree that there is something special about the number. To be honest, Judith simply didn’t have a name for her business and in the beginning, she just kept humming School House Rock’s ”Three is the Magic Number” while working on her business plan. When it was time to form an LLC, J3 was born. It also doesn't hurt that the number is simply divine. There is always three sides to a triangle, always a beginning, middle, and end; always a past, present and future. Why not wax, skincare and make-up?



  ABOVE:  Judith Southard, J3 Studio and Emily Struckhoff, Owner and Color Director of The Hair Lab, St. Louis.

ABOVE: Judith Southard, J3 Studio and Emily Struckhoff, Owner and Color Director of The Hair Lab, St. Louis.

Hey everyone, this is my friend Emily!

In the earlier years we had hair at the studio, so if you are confused that isn't represented anymore let me introduce you to a familiar face. This is Emily, owner of The Hair Lab. This lady is my spirit animal and sister. In the ten years since our inception, I have been honored to work with so many talented people in my small studio. Watching my staff move on, create their own businesses and grow has made me one proud mama. Emily is my greatest adventure. In the early years of J3, Emily and I came together and she started the cut, color and style area of the studio. We worked really well together and grew as owners of our brands. I am always proud when I can help grow, create and inspire fellow creatives to move beyond these walls and make their own brands come to life.     – Judith



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Our business is built on great relationships. We love to give beauty tips, offer referrals or send you to our favorite shops and restaurants.
— Judith

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